Monday, August 20, 2012

What a summer!

Hello friends,
What a summer it has been! My company Belly & Bones has been packed to the brim with projects and we are very excited to share one with you now.  We have been working with artist/director Matty Sidle on his new short film, The Power of Tensley. A crazy little film about a 10 year old girl in a post apocalyptic wonderland. She learns lessons of how to move through her world with the help of some fantastic creatures and genie like deities. One of those characters is Cryst-all-that! A floating crystal head who resides in an old beat up suitcase. Stef and I designed and fabricated Crystal in a couple months. Starting with cast blocks of soap, then carving them and making a mold from the individual soap crystal shards. After the molding process, we then cast the final crystals in Crystal Clear resin.
We had a blast working on this puppet and are getting geared up to create the next character in Tensley's adventure. Stay tuned!
Soap, what a wonderful medium to work with.

Mockup head sculpt out of foam.
Finished mockup foam head. 

The work bench.

Soap crystal shards ready for mold.

The head (without crystals) ready to create mold.
Mouth chart ready to go!

Look at that Crystal shine!

Tony C


Tia Nita said...

Beautiful to look at.

Tia Nita said...

Not tia Nita, but still admiring your work. love you.

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